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I was reading a review about The Diet Solution recently and being someone who needed to lose a bit of weight I was really intrigued about the concept. I guess like a lot of people I had been putting on a few pounds gradually over the years but I think because it was a gradual weight gain over time it just seemed to sneak up on me that I had put on as much as I did.

If I had gained all the weight quickly over a couple of months it would have been something I really would have noticed more and probably done something about it sooner. It seems like if you put on a few pounds you start to get used to it and then you put on a few more & you start to get used to that and so on. Before I knew it 5 years down the track and I had gained 24 pounds from when I got married.

My wife suggested to me it was time I did something about it so after looking around I saw an ad for The Diet Solution Program and watched the free video on the first page of the site. You can check it out here if you like. It amazed me that all the things I thought I knew about good health and eating right were so way off the mark. It never occurred to me that some of the things I was doing were in fact the wrong things to do and were most likely causing me to put on weight instead of taking it off!

I started learning the RIGHT things to do and as a result I not only began to shed pounds but I started to feel better which was not something I expected. Over the following few weeks I found that I slept better than I had been before and I didn’t fall asleep in from of the TV like I used to. My doctor told me that my blood pressure had gone down (it had been a little high for a while) and my cholesterol level was lower.

Running around with the kids has become so much easier and I’ve even joined a local softball league which I’m really enjoying – there is no way I would have felt like doing sport after a hard week at work as it would normally take me all of the weekend to rest before I did it all again the following week.

The best part is that I lost 21 pounds in just 8 weeks and I’m certain that the last couple of pounds I need to lose will be gone soon thanks to The Diet Solution Program. I was also able to lose body fat into the bargain so I look a lot leaner as well which my wife is happy about. I really would recommend it to anyone who wants an easy, common sense way to lose weight fast. Just don’t put it off as long as I did though!

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