How To Lose Inches Off Your Waist

Everyone’s dream is to have a nice trim waist like the models and actresses seen on the big screen and in the magazines. No, they don’t have any top-secret formula that isn’t available to everyone else. There is no miracle drug, drink or potion. The “secret” for how to lose inches off your waist is to dedicate yourself to the effort and consistency required to fix the problem.

If you want to lose inches off your waist fast, you don’t need to go on a fasting diet, live on crackers and water for a month, or count on those many weight loss shakes or diets. You shouldn’t consider a diet at all but instead consider a “change of lifestyle.” This means those shakes or other “schemes” to lose weight fast may work while you are on that particular diet, but you tend to gain the weight you lost, and often times more, after you go back to the way you did things before.

Losing Inches Using Exercise

Working on specific body parts through the use of exercise has always been one of the best tips to lose weight. One particular exercise you can use to help you lose one to three inches around your waist in one month without dieting is called the “vacuum pose.” This involves sucking in your lower belly area as much as you can, and holding it in for anywhere between fifteen to sixty seconds.

Obviously, the longer you can hold each sucking in motion, the better the results. Keep repeating this action for five minutes each day for an average waist decrease of approximately one and three-quarter inches. If you do this exercise for twenty minutes each day, you should be able to lose up to three inches around your waist. These do not have to be done all at one time.

They can be done on and off throughout the day, or during commercials while watching television. That is about as easy an exercise as you can find to help lose inches naturally and at no cost.

There really is no such thing as an exercise for specific spot reduction. They can help tone the area, but the main thing needed is to get rid of the excess fat. In order to burn fat around the waist, body fat needs to be burned away all over.

A Simple 3 Step Process

This is a three-step process you can try that will actually help burn fat and lose inches off your waist, and other parts of your body. First, you must follow a balanced and sensible eating plan. You can spend hours at the gym, running twenty miles each week, or bike hours each day, but if you are eating the wrong foods, you will be sabotaging all your work.

Secondly, you have to work out the correct way to burn off body fat. You must do challenging and intensive workouts to get the best results.

The third step in the process is boosting your metabolism, which in turn firms up your body, and increases muscle tone. Cardio training is not enough; you must include weight training as well.

If you follow this three-step process and rid your body of excess fat, the waist trimming exercises you were doing before will work much better at toning that area of the body. The fat did not get there overnight, so do not expect it to disappear overnight either. Persistence, consistency and a change in mindset should be the new rules in your life.

It is never too late to start!

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