How To Lose Weight For Kids - A Guide For Parents

How To Lose Weight For KidsOverweight children are more likely to suffer from health problems such as diabetes. They are also more likely to have poor self-esteem. Some parents blame their child’s weight problem on poor eating habits and too much time spent watching TV or playing video games.

Although a child should take responsibility for their eating habits and daily routine, the parents are the ones who are purchasing the junk food and allowing the child to watch TV for hours on end.

Give Them Support

Parents cannot expect their child to lose weight on their own. A child needs the guidance and support of their parents and others in the household in order to be successful in their weight loss goals. Adults who want to find out how to lose weight for kids should do some research on healthy eating, sugar addiction and the benefits of aerobic exercise.

The first thing that parents should do to help their child lose weight is to clean out the kitchen cupboards. Parents should get rid of cookies, crackers, ice cream and other foods that are high in fat and calories and offer little nutritional value.

The empty calorie food items do not satisfy a child’s hunger and contain high amounts of salt and sugar that lead to junk food cravings. Children should have easy access to a variety of healthy foods such as fruit, berries and vegetables.

Try to eliminate soda and other sugary drinks from your child’s diet. Although fruit juice is nutritional, it is high in calories, so kids should not have more than one glass of juice per day. Pure water is a fantastic choice for children. Children who have been drinking sugar-filled drinks may have a bit of trouble switching to water.

Choose water bottles that have fun children’s designs or offer their child a selection of flavored waters. Parents can put water in a special cup with ice and a swirly straw to make the drink look more appealing. It may take several days for a child’s taste buds to adjust, but eventually they will begin to enjoy water and find sugary drinks too sweet.

Don’t Forget Exercise..

Children need to get at least an hour of exercise each day. Dance, ice skating or gymnastic lessons are a fun way for a child to burn calories while learning a new skill. A child who enjoys team sports can join a football, soccer or basketball team to get the exercise they need. Kids can go for walks, ride a bike or spend time skipping. Parents can encourage their child to exercise by exercising with them.

In most cases, overweight children have an overweight parent or sibling that could also benefit from daily exercise. The whole family should work together in an effort to stay active and achieve their weight loss goals.

Healthy weight loss for kids is not about counting calories or extreme workouts. Parents should make weight loss for children a fun process and focus on health. Children who give up junk food and start getting plenty of fresh air and exercise will feel fantastic.

It will not take a child too long to make the connection between weight loss and health. As a child loses weight they will have more energy and feel a great sense of accomplishment, which will motivate them to continue eating healthy foods and exercising.

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