The Diet Solution Program Review

dspbookThe Diet Solution is a weight loss diet system developed by Nutritionist & Exercise Specialist Isabel De Los Rios. Isabel has authored many books, e-zines & articles in addition to being a highly popular speaker about the importance of balanced nutrition for losing weight & preventing disease.

The most significant advantage of the diet plan is the fact that it is all about eating real food and not pre-packaged diet powders or tablets, fad dieting or depriving yourself of food. Dieting should be easy and natural so you can not only lose weight consistently but also keep it off by applying the same eating routines.

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Isabel developed the program simply because after 15 years of working with clients she noticed that a lot of them were getting swamped with information from newspapers and magazines about what they needed to eat to lose weight and be healthy. They were either being told the wrong things to do or they just didn’t know where to begin.

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What’s inside?


Included Books

There are 9 separate components to Isabel’s system

1. TheĀ  Manual
The main manual gives you an overview of the entire program and how it works

2. Quick Start guide
The starting point which outlines all of the steps you need to take to lose weight successfully

3. Metabolic typing test
Helps you work out what type of metabolism you have

4. 14 days to a sexy body
This has 12 meal plans that can help you burn fat the fastest – for those that want a sexy body as soon as possible

5. Success journal
To help keep track of your progress

6. Recipe guide
Almost 100 pages of recipes for every type of meal you may want to prepare

7. Done for you meal plans
Complete meal plans all worked out for you

8. Top 10 nutrition mistakes keeping you fat
Some surprising revelations about some of the most common foods we eat – highly recommended reading

9. Shopping guide
Take this guide with you when you go shopping as it shows you what foods to buy, the best places to get it and what to look for on the product labels etc

Overview of contents

Isabel has produced her complete healthy eating concepts into simple-to-follow meal plans & nutrition information which really make it a much easier process when you’re just starting out. We found the Success Journal great to use and really helps you get motivated to lose weight because you can see the progression you’re making towards your goals.

You can also find many natural options to sugary foods which are perfect substitutes for many of the dubious diet food items people typically consume. One thing we definitely liked were all of the fantastic recipes which are included with the program making it extremely easy to make nearly anything delicious AND nutritious.

In addition, you get lots of advice on shopping for a variety of essential ingredients & foods so that it takes the uncertainty away from cooking & organizing your meals.

Why is this so different to many other diet plans?


There are plenty of common myths around relating to nutrition, reducing your weight and keeping the weight off. Many individuals are not aware that what they assume has been doing them good is in fact doing the exact opposite! What Isabel actually does is debunk these types of diet plan myths & reveal in really easy language precisely what you will need to do to not just reduce weight successfully but be healthier as well.

But the thing which makes this system very different is you don’t just have a tried and tested method of success which you can follow, you will also learn a great deal in relation to why you gained the extra weight to begin with. Understanding what the true problem is makes it much simpler to do something to fix it.

Addressing the reason why you put extra pounds on and not simply exploring the symptoms is definitely an essential component of Isabel’s approach – which is certainly what the majority of diet plans DON’T do.

Testimonials & Customer Feedback

We were able to source some testimonials from people who have already used the diet. There were plenty on the official website but we thought we would find some that were independent from that. Here’s just a few of what we found:

“It really does work – I’ve now lost 8 pounds. I’ve tried
other diets before that didn’t work as well as this diet!”
Penny – San Jose

“I lost 8kg’s by following this method…I didn’t
stop drinking wine either. It’s a lifestyle change, and it
is fun to follow as well.” inthenickoftime77 – New Zealand

“This year I gave myself the best birthday present. With Isabel’s
meal plans I lost 15 pounds and 8 total inches off
my body. And the best part was that I did it in less than 6 weeks.”
Teaque Shuey – Virginia

There are a lot more but we generally found that the majority of people had a similar positive experience. No system is perfect of course and there will always be people who aren’t as serious about weight loss & good health as others.

Isabel obviously knows her stuff and if you follow her advice you can have great success with the diet solution – however, if you’re not prepared to change some of your existing bad habits (which have been making you overweight and unhealthy) & follow a simple formula for success then nothing will change for you no matter how great the diet is.

Having used the product ourselves we found that the information was really helpful and certainly made cooking and preparing healthy & nutritious meals a lot easier than if you tried to figure it all out for yourself.

The main question that people seemed to be asking about the program is whether it was a physical product that would be sent to them. The answer of course is that it is a digital product and all of the components can be downloaded to your computer once you log in to the system. The files are in pdf format which is a very common file format and easily read by most computers (there is a free pdf reader available to download if needed).

And yes, there is a hard copy option available in the membership area which can be delivered to your door for those people who prefer having the physical product.

Before and After

We liked:

  • Simple to follow diet system with lots of delicious meal plans
  • Several different bonuses available that may help you reduce weight faster
  • Instant download immediately from your computer- no waiting around for delivery
  • Hard copy of the program available so you can keep it as a reference guide in the kitchen
  • Excellent support available. Follow up information was helpful & straightforward
  • Support forum you can join and participate in so you can exchange handy hints with others
  • Straightforward shopping guides to really make it simple to plan all your meals
  • Lots of testimonials from satisfied clients


  • It is a digital download so you may want to print out all of the books instead of reading it straight off your computer screen. Our advice is to go for the hard copy option (available in the membership area) which can be shipped directly to your door.
  • Not widely publicized in normal media channels so very few people are aware of it
  • Is only able to be bought direct online from the website. Unavailable in outlet stores.

The Verdict:

This weight loss system is really a commonsense method of approaching the problem of weight loss & enhancing your health. There are lots of dietary fads on the market which do not address the key factors in losing weight – explaining to people why they’ve gained extra weight, explaining how to correct it…then providing them with a top class support system to assist them to lose the weight & keep it off.

It’s is a fantastic leap forward in weight loss plans & Isabel needs to be commended on creating this straightforward, educational & easy to understand product that undoubtedly will help a lot of people sustain a lean and healthier body for life

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